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Decorative Concrete Company North Vancouver

North Vancouver’s Decorative Concrete Company

Nothing limits Iron Trident. From Exposed aggregate to stamped concrete, from acid staining to dying, from float finish to a contemporary smooth or broom finish; decorative saw cuts, and creative concrete borders. Iron Trident’s concrete contractors have no bounds and always deliver the highest quality. Our concrete professionals can construct your new driveway, walkway, concrete staircase, architectural walls, planters, concrete patios, and custom concrete stairs that encases lighting. We have years of experience working hand in hand with architects, engineers and designers.

Concrete Stairs

Are you looking to replace an existing set of stairs? Are you looking to battle the steep grades in North Vancouver? Our concrete contractors will find a solution for you. We can break and remove any current concrete or landscaping; we have equipment readily available to make the removal process quick and painless. Our concrete stairs range in size, curvature, and can be constructed to fulfill any of your designs, with a wide array of finishes and colours, such as light sandblasted finish, exposed aggregate, stamped or smooth finish.
Concrete Stairs Contractor North Vancouver
Architectural Concrete Walls Company North Vancouver

Architectural Concrete Wall Company

We start our architectural concrete walls with footings and grade beam support beneath it to ensure it is structurally sound. The concrete foundation is below grade so that it will not be seen after the backfilling or final landscaping. After the footings are in place, the walls are constructed. We offer a wide variety of finishes. To achieve a smooth finish, we use special paper –faced plywood in which no wood grain is left behind. There are also other finishes obtained with other materials, for example, board form concrete walls. These are constructed using wood boards or planks, which leaves behind a grained wood pattern, or walls built with rustications / chamfers that leave behind a desired imprint or style.

Stamped Concrete Contractors in North Vancouver

If you really want to make your home stand out, and gain some ‘curb appeal’ stamped concrete is the way to go. Stamped concrete is the art of making concrete look like Stone, slate, brick, flagstone and even wood. Iron Trident Concrete Offer a 7 Color custom cut and grouted concrete for the most realistic stamped concrete in the business. Stamped concrete is a great solution if you are looking to replace previous paving stones or brick.

Stamped Concrete Contractor North Vancouver
Not only does stamped concrete have a much higher structural integrity than paving stones and will not move, it also avoids the problem of having un-wanted plant growth, but maintains a beautiful stone look. Every stamped concrete project is finished with a thorough wash, and a high gloss sealer applied, ensuring excellent quality, durability, and life span.
Concrete Driveways North Vancouver

Concrete Driveways North Vancouver

Often the most significant piece of concrete on your property is your driveway, which is our specialty. We always construct our concrete driveways with a firm gravel base, a rebar grid, and a concrete thickness of 4 inches. There is a wide array of finishes for a concrete driveway, stamped or exposed aggregate, smooth or a swirl float finish. Why not incorporate a mixture of finishes? Add a custom border to your driveway, separating different styles of finishes. Concrete driveways do need time to cure, and it is highly recommended that vehicles stay off of the driveway for a full 28 days after the driveway has been placed. For those colder months, we also offer in-slab heating. Most driveways are finished with a gloss sealer for lasting protection Sealer makes the colours more vibrant and gives a tremendous shine to the concrete bringing all aspects of it to life.

Excavation Contractors

Our skilled machine operators can break and remove any existing concrete or landscaping, whether it be a simple break and removal, or a break and removal in a tight space. Iron trident has an arsenal of equipment ready to reach those spaces, and equipment to take on projects of larger scale. We also have dump trucks and trailers available to haul away any material necessary to its proper recycler. Our excavation contractors are highly skilled and experienced, equipped and ready also to excavate deep for concrete footings, retaining walls, and concrete piles, to assist in the structural support of our projects. Call Iron Trident Concrete Today!

Excavation Contractors North Vancouver