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Front concrete walkway with steps and flowers

Iron Trident Concrete Contractors Surrey is a residential and commercial concrete firm that offers a wide range of services. From the design stages to excavation and trenching, structural forming, decorative forming, placing and finishing, and everything in between, we handle it all. Concrete and screwpiles, footings, and grade beams will be laid out and installed. We specialise in the install of concrete walls, basement and garage slabs, and all other flatwork on a daily basis.

Port Moody Concrete Driveways

Driveway Choices

Driving up to a house, the driveway is the first thing you see and  frequently the property’s largest concrete feature. As a result, you can count on our highly trained personnel to come up with a design for your driveway that is both original and one-of-a-kind. The range of design alternatives is nearly infinite, from the simplest to the most complex. Some of the simplest driveways are broom finish or smooth and uncolored, with few cut lines and straight corners. Stamped concrete coloured borders may be used to divide light sandblasted parts into panels with curving edges in more sophisticated designs.

Concrete Driveway with stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete Port Moody

Stamped Concrete Finishes

You have two options when it comes to stamped concrete as a decorative finish. To achieve a more traditional effect, use interlocking rubber mats that look like London cobblestone or ashlar slate. For the second alternative, you can stamp one texture across the project, then saw cut the concrete to the right shape and size, and, if you like, grout it to mimic slate or stone.

Port Moody Decorative Concrete Contractors

For several decades, as leading Concrete Contractors, we concentrated on decorative concrete. Ready, willing, and able to take on any project while providing a diverse choice of concrete styles and finishes. Our skilled concrete builders are equipped and experienced to satisfy any of your concrete requests in any finish or colour, from little pads to elaborate patios, from a basic set of steps to a complex set, from roads to concrete walls. Get in touch with Iron Trident Concrete right away!

Port Moody Concrete Patios

Patio Finishes

Have frequent guests and appreciate the outdoors? Iron Trident’s concrete contractors may be able to assist you. We provide an extensive selection of concrete patio ideas. Our concrete craftsmen will collaborate with you to create the best concrete patio, customised to your specifications in terms of shape, layout design, and colour. So you can take advantage of your yard, fireplace, swimming pool, or outdoor kitchen. Numerous finishes are available, ensuring a classy appearance and years of enjoyment. Our concrete experts can also take care of a concrete pool deck if you have one.

Concrete Steps Port Moody

Custom Concrete steps

From the simple to the exceedingly complicated. Iron Trident is ready to take on any stair building challenge. The contemporary, straight-edged, grey, smooth or lightly sandblasted finish is a very popular style of stairway at the moment. They exude an air of sophistication and luxury. Because not all homes are suitable for this style, Iron Trident also offers more less complicated designs and finishes. Additionally, many of our valued customers request our circular or radius concrete steps. Circular and radius steps frequently have wider treads and are available in a variety of finishes and colours. Concrete stairs complement any front entrance, patio, or concrete walkway beautifully.

Port Moody Architectural concrete Wall Contractors

Concrete wall Contractors in Port Moody

Iron Tridents’ many concrete specialties include architectural concrete walls. We offer a variety of concrete wall styles, including paper face walls, light sandblasted walls, exposed aggregate walls, and board form walls. We can also construct walls with Rustifications and Chamfers in addition to these styles. Rustifications and chamfers are terms that refer to wood or foam pieces that are added to the formwork prior to forming and pouring. After the forms have been removed, rustifications leave a distinctive imprint on the concrete. Chamfers are found on the wall’s exterior corners. Chamfers not only add flair, they also help reduce the risk of corner chipping.

Concrete Sealing

Acrylic solvent-based sealants and penetrating water-based sealants are the two types of sealants available.  
  Since they do not alter the overall appearance of the concrete, penetrating sealers are more commonly used on broom or smooth surfaces. Its primary function is to permeate the concrete’s surface, acting as a moisture barrier and allowing water to bead off the surface. Stamped concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces are more commonly sealed with acrylic sealers. Acrylic sealer has a glossy sheen that darkens the colour of the concrete and highlights its various hues when applied. While this sealer offers excellent weather protection, it is known to be slick when wet and should not be used on smooth surfaces or on steep grades.

Concrete Breaking and Removal Port Moody

The concrete demolition contractors at Iron Tridents are experts at removing concrete quickly and safely. If you want to remodel your yard or driveway and you have existing concrete, asphalt, paving stones, or any other material, Iron Trident can remove it and get your project started right away. The least expensive and time-consuming method is manual digging or breaking. We have hydraulic concrete breakers that can be mounted on skid steers or excavators, as well as smaller machines that can get to those hard-to-reach places. This is a fantastic way to save time and money on concrete demolition.

Our projects area features a number of different projects, including stamped concrete, concrete stairs, concrete patios, and roads. From the beginning until the last fishing touch. Take a look.

You’ll find a variety of various sorts of projects on our projects page, including stamped concrete, concrete stairs, concrete patios, and driveways.

33 Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patterns and Finishes

We have over 20 different designs and textures to choose from. When different forming processes and colour options are taken into account, the possibilities for stamped concrete truly are limitless. Stamped concrete is available in a variety of colours. When you combine and match intergal colours, colour hardeners, and release colours, the colour possibilities are literally endless. Iron Trident Concrete takes great pride in providing the greatest decorative concrete services in metro Vancouver. We’ll meet and discuss the several magnificent decorative concrete possibilities that are available for new construction or remodels.