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Concrete Stairs

The main Front Concrete stairs are a main focal point when you enter any home, so having the right colour, style and finish is of the utmost importance. Iron Trident Concrete has built countless stairs of many varieties; we can work with you, an architect, engineer or designer to create the perfect set of concrete steps to suit your home. Having a concrete contractor with vast expertise in this area will help ensure your stairs are built to stand the test of time. Read on to find out some of the most popular designs for concrete stairs.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Stairs

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Stairs are a very durable and attractive Concrete stair finish. Aggregate steps can be built with a wide range of custom Concrete nosings for added appeal. Exposed Stairs are a great addition to exposed aggregate driveways. If you have a driveway with stamped borders for instance, we can inlay stamped concrete within the exposed aggregate concrete landings to match the borders. We are decorative concrete contractors and always build our steps on site, cast in place Concrete to match any exposed aggregate flatwork. Exposed is achievable through washing or sandblasting, which is best for your stairs depends on the size, style of the concrete steps, weather conditions and desired finish. A high gloss acrylic concrete sealer is usually used to seal these steps.
Concrete Stairs with Wooden Handle
Long Stamped Concrete Stairs

Stamped Concrete Stairs

Stamped Concrete stairs are coloured patterned steps cast on site to often match a surrounding stamped concrete driveway, stamped concrete walkway and or patios. The main base Concrete Color is added at the batch plant if desired; a secondary release colour can be added on site before stamping to give the concrete and even more realistic look to match the slate or stone it is mimicking. Nosing can also be added to Concrete steps to make them even look more realistic. This style of Concrete steps are sealed with a high gloss concrete sealer. When the sealer is freshly applied, it can be slippery for a few months, until the sheen wears down. Sand can speed up the wear if needed but can be messy.

Contemporary Concrete Stairs

Contemporary concrete stairs are quite simply an elegant, modest Concrete stair. They are a great match for modern and contemporary style homes. Contemporary concrete stairs are usually a non-coloured Concrete with saw cuts or hand cut expansion joints. Concrete nosings are often added but are not necessarily needed for this style, especially if the minimalist look is desired. The finish is most often smooth with a light sandblast; sometimes a light float is applied for some added texture and grip. These steps are sealed with a penetrating sealer; high gloss sealers are not used on this smooth finished concrete stair.

White Stairs in House Entrance
Rounded concrete Stairs with Walkway

Radius Concrete Steps

Sometimes a radius, circular style step is required for your project and being an experienced step builder and decorative concrete contractor we have lots of experience in this area. Radius or circular steps have a very welcoming feel as they have a large welcoming lower area that funnels to the desired entry point usually at the top of the concrete steps. Stamped concrete steps and exposed aggregate steps look amazing with radius step designs.

Concrete Steps with Landings

A very attractive way to build stairs is to add landings if you have the area. Landing when correctly calculated are a great way to break up a long set of straight stairs. Back and side Yards with a grade that is not consistent are especially great candidates for this style. The design consists of series of steps with landings, the landing can be used to continue the stairs from alternating directions, breaking up what could otherwise be a boring set of straight stairs. For larger jobs, it creates an area to have a breather even put plant pots or furniture.
Concrete Stairs Leads to House Entrance
Concrete Stairs between Flower Beds

Stairs with Nosings and Lights

Nosings, as mentioned above, make a great addition to Concrete Stairs, they can transform Utilitarian steps to decorative concrete steps. When you have a small area for a set of stairs, a step nosing can add a few much-needed inches to each riser, on what for example might otherwise be a short tread, if you have predetermined distance and height limitations. Decorative concrete lights can also be added for the safety of course as well as enhancing the exterior space making it welcoming and inviting. Lights come in a wide range of styles and size.

Looking for a Concrete Stairs Contractor in Vancouver?

Decorative concrete construction is an area of concrete we excel in, and stair building is front and centre in that field. We are very competitive in our stair pricing and build all stairs to the highest construction standards. We are happy to meet with you anytime to discuss the process and costs to build your one of a kind custom concrete stairs.

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