Contemporary Concrete

Modern Styles In Concrete

Modern Concrete

Contemporary concrete can mean different things to different people. For us contemporary concrete has these basic components generally, but like anyhting in life, all rules are made to be broken. For color, there is usually no color, contemporary concrete’s color is the cured natural grey color of concrete. For Finish, smooth is the common finish, but a light texture also is acceptable such as an acid wash, sand blast or light architectural wash. For Shape, contemporary concrete is generally defined by straight lines and 90 degree corners. Take a look below for more on modern concrete. 

Contemporary Concrete Choices

Floating Concrete Steps

One of the most modern styles for contemporary steps are the floating concrete step. Besides looking amazing floating step styles are generally offset making it look great to make up huge grade changes and walking directions at the same time on a project. Floating concrete steps are usually grey in color and have square sharp edges in most cases. This style of steps are also the most expensive step we offer as the forming is the most difficult and detailed. For more information on this and other concrete steps visit our projects section. 

Smooth Square Edged Concrete

Concrete Walkway and wall just finished

Modern Contemporary Concrete usually is defined  by uncolored, smooth finished concrete and saw cut expansion joints. Natural grey concrete does not fade like color concrete does over time as colors in concrete are not uv stable. So picking no color will keep your concrete looking the way it was intended longer. The forming is often straight and any changes in width is commonly changed with a 90 degree corner versus a curve. The finishing is commonly smooth with no edging like traditional concrete surfaces ; modern contemporary concrete has the edges eased by a hand stone after the forms have been removed. Expansion joints are most often saw cut  however hand cuts or groover cuts in certain situations are also acceptable for cutting the concrete. 

Driveway Separations

Contemporary Concrete Driveways can be as simple as a smooth finish with saw cuts at an even intervals. Modern Driveway can as have gaps between slabs for loose stones or grass to grow or even artificial grass. The modern driveway finish can be lightly textured such as an acid wash or a light sand blast finish or a light wash. For mush more on driveways visit our driveways section.

A modern concrete driveway

Offset Walkway Slabs

Modern Concrete Landing

A typical feature of contemporary concrete projects is that concrete slabs are often offset. Typical concrete uses curves to transition from different widths or directions, contemporary concrete rarely uses curves so the use of 90 degree corners and offsets are much more common, and this offset look is trademark for modern concrete.  

Decorative Saw cutting

Decorative saw cutting is also a great compliment to a contemporary concrete project.  Patterns are generally not anything too overly complicated. A nice tile pattern or large ashlar are common usually saw cu on a smooth surface or float finished. The depth of the saw cut is under a 1/2″ so not to encourage cracking as a result from the decorative saw cuts.  Concrete patios, walkways, pool decks, court yards and driveways all make great canvas to create a custom saw cut pattern custom to the size of your project. 

Contemporary Walkways

Contemporary Concrete Walkways can be a smooth straight walkways with hand cuts and a 1/4″ radius edger used on all edges and a broom texture applied and not regrooved.

 Modern Contemporary walkways can also be finished smooth with voids created very 4 or 5 feet. This break when surrounded with grass for instance can really soften a walkway compared to traditional city side walks. 

separation in concrete steps

Acid Washed Finishes

Acid Washed Driveway

This Driveway was just washed with a light amount of acid to give it a light patinated look.  This finish also gives the concrete an equivalent amount of texture to that of a 800 grit sandpaper, a great safety feature on an sloped surface. To see what this driveway looked like when it dried hit the link below. 

Open Air Concrete Steps

Structural Concrete Steps done in an open air style are also a great looking modern concrete step. This design does not work for alot of homes , unless you have an entrance on the second floor. This is a great looking alternative to wood steps and will last a lifetime. 

Safe Surfaces

Concrete Front entrances

Often times a safe surface takes a back seat to looks but it does not have to. We offer a few subtle surface treatments so are able to have a modern clean look while having a safe surface. We offer acid wash finishes ( more about them above) light sandblast and Architectural light washes. To see an architecturally washed job click the link below. 

Experienced Contemporary Craftsmen

As you can see from above, having a concrete contactor with experience as we have can be the difference for your job looking typical versus exceptional. We have over 25 years of experience working in as aspects of residential concrete and we pay attention to detail. We have all the equipment to excavate, gravel, form, install steel, place and finish your concrete project. 

  If you are looking to design and build a modern looking concrete set of steps, driveway, walkway, wall, patio or any other concrete structure give us a call today