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Paving stones versus concrete

Paving stones versus concrete

Paver stones are a great alternative to Concrete. Paving stones have a unique look than that of Concrete, they have a wide range of colours available and flexibility to mix and match different coloured pavers within a driveway or patio, and create patterns within patterns, something unique to paving stones.

Paving stones are precast, so have a consistency that Concrete often can not achieve. If you have a major oil leak problem or tough stain, pavers can be removed and replaced, whereas cleaning a stain on Concrete seldom removes the stain. Paving stones driveways are ready to use immediately after installation is complete vs having to wait 28 days for concrete driveway instals, and there are no cracks ever in a paving stone driveway.

The installation on paving stones

Paver installation involves similar preparation to poured in place concrete, starting with excavation, followed by laying a substantial base — usually gravel. Next comes a layer of bedding sand. You’ll need some edge restraint, concrete works best or spiked plastic, to keep the paver installation together and lock it in tightly.

Once the pavers are laid, they are compacted with a plate compactor that drives the pavers slightly into the bed of sand solidifying them.

Sand is applied between the pavers and compacted again to strengthen the joints so that the paver installation acts like one solid piece. Even as a solid mass, paving stones can move and flex without the worry of the cracking issues you’d have with a slab of concrete.

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Paving stones versus concrete

Paving Stone Driveways Vancouver

  • Paving Stone Driveways among the first things you or a visitor sees as they arrive at your residence. Driveways are a huge investment and having a tasteful design appropriate to your house style is something we take very seriously.
  • A driveway can be as simple as 1 brick style and color in a basic repeating pattern or complex as you desire , with the combination of different colours, styles of stones and the integration of patterns within patterns there are no limits . Paving stones as with concrete are both of the best materials for a strong long lasting driveway.

Paving Stone Patios Vancouver

Paving Stone patios are a great alternative to Concrete patios for the reasons mentioned above. Having An inviting paving stone patio will make it your go to place for the summer months. Paving patios are an investment that you can enjoy also daily. If your back yard is sloped like many properties around the North Shore many think paving stones are not an option, but there are option when you combine our concrete experience for concrete retaining walls for retaining soil and the building up unlevel surfaces.
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Paving Stone combined with concrete

Being a concrete contractor we are able to take on the concrete parts of your project such as concrete walls or stairs. Paving stones make great flat work but not great stairs, we can combine concrete pavers and steps together for a unique blend of the two styles. We enjoy leading the way and not following , have any ideas of you would like to explore ? Give us a call today.

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Types of Paving stones

There are a wide range of colours , shapes, sizes and materials paving stones in which paver stones are made. The most common color for paving stones is shades of charcoal, they compliment most building exterior colours and do not clash. The most common size is around the size of a typical building brick up to ½ ft2. Paving stones are made from many materials most commonly concrete but may be constructed from limestone, granite, basalt, and even porcelain.

Paving Stone Care

Paving stones are very low maintenance and require no maintenance, with their long warranty you can rest easy and enjoy your investment. A periodic pressure wash is a great idea to keep them looking great but take care not to wash the sand out between them, the sand is key in keeping them locked in place.
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Paving stone warranty

Many improperly installed paving stone jobs start to heave and look terrible after a few years. Iron Trident stands behind our installations with a seven-year industry-leading settling warranty. Plus, depending on the paver that is picked, it’s not uncommon for pavers themselves to carry a 20 year plus warranty from the manufacturer.
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Landscape Contractor needs

Many of our customers like one stop shopping and are happy to deal with one contractor rather than many. This is why we can also offer full landscaping services. If you have some landscaping needs also let us know, we are happy to take care of most landscaping construction needs. Making Iron Trident your one stop general landscape Contractor , contact us today.