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This concrete construction profile is on concrete steps. We had a homeowner contact us about turning his aged unsafe wood steps into concrete steps to improve the appearance of his house. We love a challenge and took on the project.
Wood Steps
Concrete Steps Drawing
We first sketched what the new steps would look like concrete, which were very similar to the existing showing where support would be for the new concrete stairs.
A massive 24″ thick structural wall was built 1st to hold the cantilever steps to be poured later. Piles and footings were poured monolithically with rebar connecting everything.
Rebar Piles and Footings
Rebar Concrete Steps
Piles Rebar

The cantilever landings do have a lot of stress; connecting the two atop the structural wall needed to have an excessive amount of rebar, both 15M and 20M. Epoxied rebar was dowelled into the structural wall on both sides, so there was no movement or pull away of concrete in the future.

Poured Cement on Steps
The concrete was a 35mpa air entrainment concrete with Plasticizer. After the concrete was poured, forms and shoring were left on 28 days to reach 90 plus percent of the concrete strength, so when forms were removed, there would be no movement at any hinge points in the concrete. It worked well as no cracks appeared on this concrete stair job.

The job turned out near flawless. The owners loved the end-result keeping. We were able to keep the original design they liked and turn it into a new beautiful modern definite structural concrete step.
If you have a concrete step project or any project that requires quality craftsmanship, give us a call or send your plans today, we would be happy to build your concrete project.

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Wood Steps Turned Concrete Steps
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