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Stamped Concrete

Iron Trident Concrete is a leader in Decorative Concrete in Vancouver. We enjoy the challenges associated with the art of decorative concrete and are always excited to start a new creative project to push the status quo. Stamping concrete is achieved by using rubber mats and imprinting the pattern of the rubber mat in Concrete before final set.

Patterns and Colours

We have over 20 patterns and textures to choose from. When you take into account different forming options and color choices, the variety of stamped concrete options are truly endless. Here is a chart Stamped concrete colors to choose from.  When we give an on-site estimate we have actual small coloured concrete samples to choose from which are always best . Iron Trident Concrete takes great pride in providing the best decorative concrete services in Vancouver. We will sit down and go through the many spectacular decorative concrete combinations to suit your new build or renovation.

Gray Coloured Stamped Concrete
Brown Coloured Stamped Concrete


Color stamped Concrete borders look great with an Exposed Aggregate Concrete main body, and is great for this climate. Whether it’s a concrete patio, concrete driveway, walkway and or decorative concrete stairs with custom concrete nosing you need, we will find the right combination to fit your tastes and budget.

Installing Stamped Concrete

A solid foundation is important to many things in life, and decorative concrete is no different. We start with breaking and removal of existing concrete if applicable. We also remove pavement or paving stones if required. We then excavate to usually about a foot below finish grade. Next, the job is formed, drainage rock and rebar is installed. The type of rebar and grid can vary but is commonly 16” to 18” with 10mm to 15mm rebar. Slabs most commonly range from 4 inches to 6 inches with coloured concrete. The next stage is where the experience and craftsmanship come into play, the pour. We use our rubber concrete mats to imprint the selected pattern. The day or 2 following the pour we saw cut, wash and seal the concrete.
Stamped Concrete Under Construction
Driveway with Garage White Door

Sealing Decorative Concrete

Imprinted Concrete with high gloss sealer can be slippery with steep grades, escpecially when newly sealed. In Vancouver there is a lot of steep grades and sometimes modifying a sealer or changing the typical sealer is needed . There are a few options, normal high gloss acrylic sealer, high gloss sealer but with non-slip additives and a penetrating sealer. Normal high gloss sealer is fine on slabs and stairs with little grade. We add a non-slip additive to Concrete sealers when there is a steep grade or we instead use a penetrating concrete sealer. Penetrating concrete sealers go on like water and leave no sheen. They also don’t bring out the colours in stamped concrete but as a big plus they are non slip and permanent.


Stamped concrete like all types of concrete can crack for many reasons, which we explain in another section. We do our part by using high strength Concrete and pouring within CSA guidelines on slump, to give a high quality concrete pour. We also pour with proper base preparation and reinforcement, and lastly we make sure the concrete cures properly. You as a homeowner can do a few things also to prolong the beauty and life of your new stamped concrete
Stamped Concrete Porch in House
Stamped Concrete Driveway with Car


Sealer, this minimizes water entering your Slab which in the colder months, sometimes resulting in damage to the surface. Wait 28 days to park on the Slab after the initial pour and never park a heavy truck on your driveway unless it was designed to hold heavy vehicles as it may cause excessive cracks and once cracks start they are there to stay. Never use any ice melt products,  they are all harmful. By doing these simple things you will get maximum life out of your stamped concrete job.

Stamped Concrete prices

The price of stamped concrete can really vary, and it is very hard to give pricing with not seeing the job site and going through all the options which make up the cost. Size of the job is a big factor, larger jobs are less per square foot than small jobs. Access can also play a part in pricing, if we can not use a full size machine and you must hand dig much of the job, that can affect price. The color pigment used is a factor, some cost more than others and amount per cubic meter of color you choose. For these reasons and more we provide free onsite estimates.

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Brown Coloured Stamped Walkway
Stamped Concrete with Garden

Our Concrete Service Promise

Iron Trident Concrete has 20 years plus experience in stamping Concrete and installing decorative concrete. We offer most concrete services from Concrete footings and retaining walls to repairs, broom finish to exposed Aggregate, concrete breaking and removal, grading and trenching. If you require a service not listed on our website please contact us, as we probably do the work your requiring or if not then we will know someone who does. For a look at our stamped concrete projects and most recent work check us out on your favourite social media.