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Iron Trident Concrete Contractors are equipped for any kind of excavation necessary in the concrete or landscape world. Whether it’s excavating a driveway to install a gravel base, excavating deep for footings or digging a dry well, we are Burnaby’s preferred excavation Contractor. Iron Trident Concrete has dump trailers and dump trucks available to remove any excavation offsite, and of course, we can take care of any backfilling or finish grading. Our highly experienced machine operators are both accurate and efficient. We also do trenching and can auger holes for concrete piles. A few of our machines are small enough to fit through a 3-foot wide gate making tight backyards and poor access jobs our specialty.

Concrete Stairs Burnaby

Cast in place concrete stairs can be plain and simple or very complicated with many decorative features depending on what you might be looking for. We have poured all types and have numerous examples to show you if you’re not sure which direction to go. Often people decide to go decorative with the front stairs on their house as its great for curb appeal. We can design them to match features and/or colours on your home so it will fit right in with the look of your property. Side steps or steps down to a basement are typically more straightforward as they are solitary and more out of sight. Iron trident Concrete Contractors Burnaby will assess the situation and recommend steel brackets, concrete piles or screw piles which hold the most weight to reduce the risk of movement due to settling.

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Architectural Concrete Walls Burnaby

Architectural Concrete Walls Burnaby

Iron Trident concrete contractors in Burnaby specialize in architectural concrete walls. Retaining walls, planters, interior and exterior feature walls can all be considered architectural. We use paper faced plywood forms to create the smoothest wall possible. The wall tie cones will be visible in most cases, but they are evenly spaced and have a decorative look. The top of the wall can be finished with a rounded edge or an angular chamfer edge which will match the optional chamfer strips that cover up the plywood seams also known as rustication strips. Other finishes available are light sandblast which roughs up the smooth surface a bit, full exposed aggregate and board formed.

Stamped Concrete Burnaby

Stamped Concrete is the most high-end finish for patios, walkways and driveways. There’s a lot of different stamp patterns and textures available, and when combined with the multitude of different colour options you can easily come up with a unique look for your project. Colours can be integral (added to the mix at the plant), or colour hardeners can be broadcast once the pad is placed and worked in for a fascinating look. Just like it sounds colour hardeners create a stronger surface because they have cement added to the colour powder that gets worked into the surface during the finishing process. Some of the smoother finishes can be slippery when wet so we might recommend a rougher texture in high traffic areas or when there is a considerable slope. Larger areas can be broken up with borders possibly of a different finish or colour. Perimeter borders are very popular for any sized slab. Iron trident would recommend colours that contrast each other as it creates depth and is more eye-catching. The options are endless.
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Concrete Patios Burnaby

The patio is often the gathering place or main feature of a new backyard; therefore, most homeowners go with a fancier finish than a broomed city sidewalk. Decorative options are stamped, exposed aggregate, float or (swirl finish) and acid stained. You can choose any geometric pattern to enhance the aesthetic look of your patio further, and we will lay it out and saw-cut it in the days after the patio is poured. Homeowners may choose to install a firepit in a central location of the patio, matching concrete planters along the perimeter and sometimes a full outdoor kitchen complete with pergolas and a table with chairs. Permits are not necessary to have a backyard poured on grade patio and Iron trident Contractors Burnaby will ensure it is appropriately poured with the correct slope so you’ll never have to worry about puddles forming or water collecting against your house foundation. We can pour a concrete patio on any framed structural surface of your house or as a suspended slab supported by foundation walls.