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Abbotsford Concrete Driveways

Driveway Installation

The driveway acts as a focal point for the entrance to your home, and investing in an appealing driveway is well worth the expenditure. We’ve poured thousands of driveways and are positive you’ll be pleased with the high-quality work we put into each one. We employ compactors that are larger than industry standards to ensure that your driveway begins with a stable, well-compacted base. Each driveway is reinforced with engineer-grade rebar and high-quality concrete mixtures from respected suppliers. To discover more about driveways, simply click on the icon to the right.

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Abbotsford Decorative Concrete Contractors

Decorative Concrete incorporates alot of concrete finishes. There is stamped Concrete finishes, Exposed aggregate concrete, float finish concrete, decorative saw cut concrete and light washed concrete and acid etched concrete. All the above finishes can have color added to the mix or color added as a color hardener. Acid stains can also be added to all the above mixes. The combinations are truly endless. With all these choices and directions you can go its good to have a concrete contractor like us who has benn doing decorative concrete for over 25 years. We cannot say we have done it all, but we have done most of it. Give us a call we can make sure your decorative concrete job is a smashing success.

Abbotsford Concrete Walls

Concrete wall Contractors in abbotsford

Concrete walls are available in a number of styles. Among the many types of walls are retaining concrete walls, foundation walls, planter walls, paper face architectural walls, and plank finish. Our workforce is very skilled at preparing, constructing, and pouring concrete walls. Excavation and construction of concrete footings serve as a strong foundation for the walls and are always the first steps in the building of concrete walls. This adds stability and structural integrity to the walls. When architectural concrete walls are required, we use higher-quality materials to achieve a paper-smooth finish, the most frequently requested finish among our wall variations. Light sandblasting, board plank (Wood pattern), chamfered edges with rustifications, and other treatments and patterns are available for architectural walls. Our highly skilled workforce will overcome any hurdle, no matter how small, vast, or complex.

Concrete Steps Abbotsford

Custom Concrete steps

As concrete step contractors, we are able to construct nearly any concrete step concept. There are many types of concrete steps, including structural concrete steps, floating concrete steps, circular concrete steps, concrete steps with nosings, and off set concrete steps. We have over 25 years of experience producing custom cast in situ concrete stairs and have a great deal of information and ideas to include into the construction of your dream steps. Concrete steps can be finished with a broom finish (for grip), a smooth finish, a textured finish, or a light architectural wash. We can create stairs to your specifications and within your budget.

Abbotsford Concrete Patios

Patio Choices

You can’t go wrong with a lovely concrete patio for your family to gather around throughout the summer months. It is our humble request that you will be pleased with the work that we have done for you because we have literally poured thousands of concrete patios. All of our patios are built on a strong, compacted gravel foundation. The concrete mixtures used in our patios are of the highest quality and are supplied from trustworthy vendors. Each patio is reinforced with rebar of the highest grade. Here’s where you can find out more about patios:

Abbotsford Concrete Sealing

We use two types of sealants: acrylic solvent-based and penetrating water-based.

  Because they do not alter the overall appearance of the concrete, penetrating sealers are more frequently used on broom or smooth surfaces. Its principal function is to permeate the concrete’s surface, providing a barrier that prevents moisture penetration and allows water to bead off the surface.

    On stamped concrete and exposed aggregate surfaces, acrylic sealers are more typically employed. When applied, acrylic sealer creates a glossy finish that darkens the colour of the concrete, emphasising the concrete’s varied colours. While this sealer offers excellent weather protection, it is known to be slippery when wet and should therefore not be applied to smooth surfaces or steep grades.

Concrete Breaking and Removal Abbotsford

Iron Tridents concrete demolition contractors are experienced in completing concrete demolition and removal in a timely and safe manner. If you’re remodelling your yard or driveway and have existing concrete, asphalt, paving stones, or any other material, Iron Trident is equipped to remove it and get your job started quickly . We have hydraulic concrete breakers that are mounted to skid steers or excavators, as well as smaller breakers for those difficult-to-reach areas. We always use the appropriate breaker to be efficient and save time and money on your next next project.

Stamped Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Acid Staining and many other varieties of projects may be seen on our projects Sections.

On our projects page, you can discover a variety of projects, including stamped concrete, concrete stairs, concrete patios and driveway projects.

33 Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patterns and Finishes

Most concrete finishes are stamped concrete, and it is the most popular. As a result, it’s the priciest one as well. The project’s size, style, and design all have an effect on the final price. Textures that cover a vast area with little colour and few saw cuts are the most affordable. For the most realistic effect, the most expensive utilise a variety of colours, borders, patterns, and grouting. When it comes to the art of stamped concrete, there are few wrong answers; all approaches are tailored to the preferences and budgetary concerns of the customer.

Stamped Concrete Abbotsford

Stamped Concrete Finishes

You have two options when it comes to stamped concrete as a decorative finish. As an example of a traditional approach, you can use interlocking rubber mats in a pattern similar to ashlar slate or random stone, or even london cobble stone. If you prefer the second method, you can stamp the entire project with a single texture, then saw cut the concrete to the desired shape and size and, if you like, grout it to make it look like slate or stone.

Abbotsford Concrete Contractors

Front concrete walkway with steps and flowers

We constantly strive to provide high-quality projects on time and within budget. Residential and commercial properties alike can rely on our concrete contracting services. Get in touch with us right away if you’re building a new house or renovating an existing one and want to work with the best concrete contractor in the area.